Public Programs

Glee Studios Singapore offers carefully selected public courses for those interested in show choir. Our instructors go through a series of selection processes and are mentored by our directors. Apart from show choir sing and dance lessons, we also provide private coaching in the fields of vocals and dance.

Our Philosophies


We are in this with you — We understand how hard it is to sing, and how hard it is to dance. Nothing can be harder than putting both these elements together. Our instructors will always be encouraging through your learning journey.


The Customer is also a friend — Our directors and instructors will always be more than ready to provide you with advice and help outside classes. Its hard work during class, but play time after classes.


We know everyone has different needs and wants — Some of you may prefer to just focus on honing your skills as a choreographer, or as a vocalist. Just drop us an e-mail on your learning objectives and we will work something out with you.

Show Choir Training

For beginners with little exposure to singing and dancing. This class essentially goes through the basics of singing and dancing at the same time. Students will be also taught the basics of singing and will get to master a sing and dance show choir piece at the end of the course.

Show Choir Instructor Course

There are a significant lack of qualified show choir instructors in Singapore. In this course, you will get to learn how to direct a show choir. Participants will get hands on experience in teaching and observing our directors in action. Upon graduating, instructors can choose to be part of the teaching team here in Glee Studios.

  • Glee is indeed one of the breakthrough platforms for the Singapore youths to discover and display their talents of music, leadership and resilience. Well done Glee.

    David King Thorairajan - Executive Director Ministry Of Empowerment

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