Corporate Programs

We want our customers to believe in us. Therefore, you can be guaranteed no less than 100% in all our performances and programmes.

Our Philosophies


We work not just for our customer, but with our customer to provide a memorable experience.


We know who we are working for — We customize our programmes according to your target audience so you know that you will get your desired outcome.


We take pride in our work — You will always be sure to get more than 101% from us.


Themed Performances

A Cappella


Flash Mobs

Team Building

  • “We are happy to be able to work with such a unique and meaningful organization like SSCA. When we see the drive and enthusiasm of the team and the participants, we too are energized to capture their performance on video, so that it can be shared with the world!”

    Jeremy Oh - Executive Producer OHBOY! Pictures
  • “The performance by John & Deniece Glee Studios was definitely a good choice to start the show as it was fun, energetic, and engaging. Audiences were treated to a great show and even got to mingle with the performers after their set. Their bright smiles are definitely infectious as audiences can’t help but smile after seeing them in action.”

    Dev Passion Arts Singing Festival